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Yes to Adventures!

Find out what happens in Manda and Gigi’s cookie adventure when they make a cookie out of their favorite foods!  This funny illustrated book helps start conversations with our little ones about creativity, learning from mistakes, building confidence, and enjoying the journey along the way.


Everything Cookie Book includes:

  • 32 beautifully digital illustrated pages
  • Fun activity sheets to guide your kids through their Everything Cookie Project
  • Everything Cookie Community – share their cookies and other awesome adventures!

What's Your Adventure?

What’s in your Everything Cookie? Join in the fun and share your Everything Cookie and Other Adventures on our Instagram!  #evcookieproject


It was so much fun! I loved seeing my daughter’s mind working on a plan and then see it all the way through to the end project.”

Amanda, Awesome Mom

to Lucy (6 yrs) & Clark (3 yrs)

My 5 year old daughter loves The Everything Cookie and asks for it as her bedtime book repeatedly. She loves the fun artwork and understands the lessons. Very few books I’ve come across teach the value of making mistakes, especially with main characters who are girls. I’m very excited to be sharing this book with my daughters!

TK Super Mom

to Naomi (5yrs) and Maya (2yrs)

The EVERYTHING COOKIE IDEA answers the dilemma that all parents are constantly struggling with; how can I help my child be creative and figure things out on his/her own without getting frustrated.

Stephanie, Spectacular Mom

to Faye (7 yrs) and Royce (4)